My Life: Documented Through the Lens of My iPhone

by Molly Mahar

Growing up, my dad was always big into photography. He wouldn’t leave the house without his trusty ol’ Nikon EM 35mm SLR camera, the one he got before I was born! I followed in his footsteps, always experimenting with photography as a child.

A few years ago, my dad passed down his Nikon film camera to me, to use for my film photography & developing course in college. That camera is near and dear to my heart… and any time I use it I can feel the memories it holds. If only that camera could talk!

Eventually I began renting out a Canon EOS 350D from school, and my passion for photography began to grow. I took a few more photography classes, as they were required for my major, and started learning valuable techniques and principles of photography.

I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, as I am graduated from college, and my mind is no longer consumed with school every day and night… so my passion for photography has taken over every spare minute! As I left college, I had to return my beloved Canon DSLR, and with no money to go buy a camera, I bought my iPhone. After all, it’s about the photographer’s talent, not the camera… right!?

My iphone has become my obsession… I have never loved a piece of technology more. Using the iPhone to take photos is nice because it is discrete, portable, and I always have it with me so I never miss a beautiful photo opportunity. I spend my free days enjoying the outdoors, taking photos of gardens and nature, then using a variety of photo editing and sharing apps to edit and post my photos. It has been my way of escaping the stresses of reality, while still keeping my creativity flowing.

My iPhone documents every moment of my life, whether it’s the food I make, events I attend, or just a beautiful flower I find on a walk. Someday I will be able to buy my dream DSLR, but for now, my iPhone will have to do!

Every photo of mine has a special memory attached to it, and documents my life. These are the stories I will share in future posts. “Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.” Joshua Atticks

Thanks for reading, and come back soon. -Molly


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