Lake Calhoun Living

by Molly Mahar

Here we are again. It’s Fall. The leaves are falling off the trees and there’s snow in the forecast. After a long Spring & Summer of silence on my blog, I am back.

The past year in a nutshell: I got my first “big girl job” (without ‘intern’ in the title), moved out of my parents house and into an amazing apartment in Uptown, I turned 24, and to top it off, my beautiful and only sister had another perfect baby girl. Parties.. weddings.. cabin trips.. the beach.. impromptu sailing rides.. the list goes on.

This was the best summer of my life, and I have never been happier. Summer in Uptown has been amazing, but I’m sure the Fall and Winter seasons in the city will be just as magical.

Here’s a glimpse of Lake Calhoun Living in the Summer:


51 Comments to “Lake Calhoun Living”

  1. Wow, so cool to see a fellow Minneapolis blogger and also congrats on the Freshly Pressed! I live near Lake Harriet and have been blogging for almost two years now. Loving the WP community! Awesome pictures of one of my other favorite minneapolis lakes! :)

  2. Wow, love the photos here. This place is so lovely.

  3. Wow, the photos are gorgeous!

  4. great pics. Glad I stopped by!

  5. Fabulous photos… Thank for sharing…

  6. Really terrific photos and what an amazing place.I am looking forward to seeing some fall and winter city shots.

  7. Really cool pictures, but the effects are amazing as well.
    I can’t wait to see some of your other pictures.

  8. love the 60’s tinge on the shots. Very retro and appealing.


  9. Hi from Duluth. Great photos. Congratulation on being Freshly Pressed :)

  10. I love lake Calhoun and the uptown area. Unfortunately, I had to move from Minneapolis where I was born and move to Salt Lake City. I used to bike from my house near North Memorial Hospital to the lakes on the trails. Poof, what a long trip, but it was worth it. When I was in the Uptown area I would browse the CD shops and hit the bars. I hear they’re tearing down the Walker Art Library to replace with a new one. Kudos. Publishnprosper

  11. Looks beautiful and lovely photos…

  12. its always good to see sails across the water is it warm enough for sailing up there ?

  13. Beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to try sailing, but I also have a morbid fear of open waters (too many movies). Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  15. Looks like a lovely place to be in the summer! Your story is inspiring as well. As a senior in college and preparing to go out into the world, applying for that first “real job”, it’s nice to hear that you’re finding it to be more than alright. Congrats on being freshly pressed, and thanks for sharing! :)

  16. Hello from Ireland! Love your photos and the way you let them do the talking! Really uplifting. Thanks.

  17. Thanks for these beautiful shots of the lake, Molly! I fondly remember roller blading around Lake Calhoun all the time when I lived in Uptown. I live in Colorado now, and while it’s beautiful, I miss the lakes. Great to see these! Steph

  18. These are beautiful photos!

  19. Glad you are back and blogging. Beautiful blog and awesome digital pictures. Do you have a favorite picture of all of these?

  20. It looks like heaven, especially the two beers on the waterfront.

  21. Did you look at those photos after you took them and think “Dang, those are amazing” because they really are! Very impressive post!

  22. I love sailing, the water and boats! Your pictures are so fun and make me miss it all. :D

  23. We love Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet, too! One of our fave laid back destinations all summer. Sadly, it’s drastically cooling off now and bracing for the long winter soon to come :P

  24. You captured the lake life perfectly! It’s amazing how far camera phones have come. Some of my best candid shots come from my iPhone as well. Congrats from a fellow freshly pressed alum!

  25. What a Blog ,,,, Nice Imagination ,,,,,,

  26. i dream of places like these. Someday

  27. I love Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet and Lake of the Ilses…I grew up in the Minneapolis area and we would drive the lake route often coming or going to Gramma’s house and sometimes stopping for a swim. One of my absolute favorite places!

  28. I am from Robbinsdale, MN (now living in NC for the last 20 years) – so fun to see pictures of Lake Calhoun!! Nice surprise.

  29. As a Minnesotan I must say Lake Calhoun is wonderful (as is uptown, wouth Minneapolis, and the lakes in general). I really love Lake of the Isles more though. These are such beautiful pictures! It’s really amazing what can be taken with the iphone now: )

  30. Every photo is just lovely. Great set of snaps! :)

  31. Beautiful, beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  32. I would do anything to be on a boat right now

  33. Gorgeous photos! This looks like a beautiful place – thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  34. Beautiful pictures… and congrats on the great job, and the independence that comes with it!! to the fullest :)

  35. Reblogged this on Makais Blog and commented:
    looks lovely

  36. This place looks like heaven on earth! Cant wait to see pics of snow!!

  37. I used to rollerblade Calhoun many, many times at many different hours of the day ten-ish years ago when I lived in the Cities. All I needed to see was the rowboat and I knew exactly what this was. Good memories.

  38. Love the sailboat photos as well as the sign above it. Here’s to Summer 2013!

  39. Awww… you are one lucky lady to see such beauty everyday. And congrats to the baby! ;)

  40. Hi, MM.

    I saw this on Freshly Pressed and immediately jumped to it because I am familiar with Lake Calhoun and the other lakes of the area, having attended the U of M for my BA and MEd, living in the Twin Cities for 7-8 years in total. Though I’ve lived in eight states and six countries now, I still connect to MN more than anywhere else for some reason, and perhaps it is fine memories of blading, cycling, or strolling around Harriet, Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. Your photos brought bake some lovely recollections! If the purpose of photography, at least one of them, is to trigger a response, you’ve done that! Thank you!

  41. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  42. the place is beautiful and this photos more pretty

  43. oh my godddd this makes me soooo jealous and sad!!! these images are incredible! thanks for sharing!

  44. I love the Midwest!

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