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October 30, 2011

The Minneapolis Riverfront: Part Two

by Molly Mahar

The St. Anthony Main trails on the Minneapolis riverfront are jam packed with photo opportunities. Besides all of the beautiful landmarks that St. Anthony offers (which you can see in my previous blog post), I found so many interesting and different wildflowers to photograph. As promised, here they are! :)

October 26, 2011

Saying Hello to Fall

by Molly Mahar

As the summer weather started to make way for brisk autumn days, I was desperate to get outside and find some great places to walk around, enjoy the outdoors, and of course, take some photos. One of the places I found while researching was UMore Park. It caught my eye because it’s free to the public, and conveniently located in my area, south of the Twin Cities in Rosemount, MN. The Master Gardener Education & Research Display Garden at UMore Park holds beautiful gardens and landscaping, but is just a small part of UMore Park as a whole, which has acres of beautiful fields and farmland, used for energy, wellness, educational, & agricultural research.

As we (my significant other and I) pulled up to the Gardens, I was filled with disappointment as I saw wilting, dead flowers… we had missed the peak of the gardens. With the chilly fall weather, they stopped grooming and caring for the gardens until next year. We got out anyway, to walk around and enjoy the weather, and I was pleasantly surprised as we got a closer look that some flowers were still clinging to life. I got some great shots as we enjoyed a walk down the dirt roads, and through the gardens… I hope you enjoy them like I do! And, if you are ever looking for something fun and free to do outdoors, research gardens in your area.

To learn more about UMore park visit