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November 6, 2011

For the Love of {Instagram} Photography

by Molly Mahar

Instagram, as you may have heard by now, is a free photo sharing app for the iPhone, but to its users it is much more than that. Instagram has become a social media network all its own, that crosses international boundaries and brings people together through a mutual love of photography.

I joined instagram approximately five months ago, and have been hooked ever since. Those who don’t use Instagram may never understand the type of environment it produces, the type of relationships that are formed, and the beautiful filters that can be used to bring photos to life, like my personal favorite: Earlybird! It is so fun to see everyone’s unique photos, and to learn and improve my own photography.

I am featuring some of my favorite users in this post: @Sunrisegirl, @Virginiablue, @Adleyy, @Luminousgrey, and @Jeroenv. They are just five of my many favorites, but great examples of the type of work you can find on the app.

@Sunrisegirl, also known as Danielle, is an Instagramer from southern California, transplanted in Wisconsin and making the best of it. She not only takes beautiful photographs, but is someone who genuinely cares about others work, even though she has over five thousand followers. She is a fellow midwesterner, so I always look forward to her photos! Here are some of my personal favorites from Danielle’s collection.

@VirginiaBlue, otherwise known as Deb, says “If I was a song, I’d be a Moonlight Sonata.” Deb’s photos are simply stunning; Consistent, colorful, & beautiful! She typically uses the Toaster filter, and it works so well with her style of photography.

@LuminousGray is Miss Heather Pauline. Her bio states “I walk here and there, seeking wide open, flat spaces against a sky up high…” Her photos are serene and beautiful, and she deserves way more followers than she currently has because her work is amazing.

@Adleyy shares her “Cozy Photo Life Story” on Instagram, including beautiful photos of nature and life. She created a competition, the #Adley_challenge, which brings users together, discussing and sharing on a specific topic; my best friend animal challenge, nature, and more. I won her nature challenge! :)

@Jeroenv Verhulst is an IG’er from Holland. “A social worker, married and father of my sweet daughter Billie Kee. Photos made with dslr camera and iPhone 4. Enjoy my feed.” Not much else to say about Jeroen other than, you will LOVE his work. Here are a few samples.

Here are a few samples of work from my instagram, @MollyElizabethMahar:

If you have an iPhone, Instagram is the place to be and I would suggest getting the app asap! If you haven’t yet converted to an iPhone, you can check out to see what is going on in the IG world. Thanks for reading.

October 22, 2011

4 Unique Photography Tips

by Molly Mahar

Finding my niche in photography took some time, and I am constantly perfecting it. When you jump into photography for the first time, you tend to be inspired by others, by trying similar concepts and ideas. Once you put yourself out there, practice, and gain confidence, you begin to branch out and take truly unique photos.

My style began to change as I started experimenting, and deciding what aspects I really liked. While studying Graphic Design at UND, we were always taught “Less is Best” and I have definitely attributed the minimalist look to my photography. I have also grown very fond of high contrast photos and different shades of blue, as you will notice in my photography at the end of this post. By making these key decisions about what I liked, I was able to form my personal style of photography.

You should work on perfecting your own style, but here are a few tips that have helped me with my own visions. I hope you can be inspired by my work in some way, try some different things that I try, and hopefully gain the confidence to break away and find your niche!

As a side note, I am not a professional photographer, so don’t take me too seriously. These tips and tricks are my own personal views. If you are looking for more professional advice, you should contact a professional photographer.

Enough talk, here’s my tips:

(1) Don’t be afraid to look stupid
A lot of times, you will be taking photos in public, in places where people are going to see you. I used to be so embarrassed to take photos in public that I would snap my subject really fast and move on. Well, once I got home I had a bunch of photos that were unusable. Eventually, I wanted my shots so bad that I stopped caring about who was gawking at me.

(2) Take multiple shots of your subject
When you take only a few shots, you don’t have much to work with. When I see something I want to photograph, I take TONS of shots.. I will literally take 10 shots or more. You can always delete them later, but it gives you options to work with. Hopefully you will have at least one that you love. If you are using a DSLR, take multiple shots of your subject, experimenting with different aperture and shutter speeds. Record the settings you used for each shot so you can start to learn what settings work best in different conditions, and your personal preferences. You can find charts online to assist  you with settings.

(3) Experiment with different perspectives
This goes back to my first tip, don’t be afraid of looking stupid. I like to experiment with angles, which usually leads to some unique shots that I never would have thought of without trying different perspectives. As you may have noticed, my favorite perspective is the worm’s eye view, where I literally lay on the ground and point up. My typical subjects are flowers, so I have a lot of fun laying on the ground, burying my camera into the flowers, trying to get the perfect shot with the beautiful blue sky in the background.

(4) Don’t waste a sunny day!
Sunny days are perfect for taking photos similar to the style that I shoot. This tip is especially important if you are using a camera that cannot adjust for lighting conditions, such as an iPhone, which I use a lot of the time because it’s always in my pocket and readily available. I never waste a beautiful, clear skied, sunny day. When I wake up and see the sun blazing through my window, I am outside exporing for shots. Don’t make photography harder than it needs to be… if you want a colorful, blue skied shot, then don’t miss out on the sunny days.

Thanks for reading! Come back soon.

October 22, 2011

Show Me Your Garden

by Molly Mahar

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.” (Alfred Austin)

Looking at Brenda’s garden will give you a great understanding of who she is. Even after a difficult childhood, being raised with her 7 siblings by a single mother, and dealing with many life-changing experiences, she has managed to remain a strong, bright and positive person.

Brenda’s flowers have been a huge subject of my photography for the past three months, as they have been in full bloom. It has been such a joy being able to document her flowers, and I am in the process of designing a book collection of the photos as a gift to her.

Here are some of my favorites from her garden… Enjoy!

October 22, 2011

My Life: Documented Through the Lens of My iPhone

by Molly Mahar

Growing up, my dad was always big into photography. He wouldn’t leave the house without his trusty ol’ Nikon EM 35mm SLR camera, the one he got before I was born! I followed in his footsteps, always experimenting with photography as a child.

A few years ago, my dad passed down his Nikon film camera to me, to use for my film photography & developing course in college. That camera is near and dear to my heart… and any time I use it I can feel the memories it holds. If only that camera could talk!

Eventually I began renting out a Canon EOS 350D from school, and my passion for photography began to grow. I took a few more photography classes, as they were required for my major, and started learning valuable techniques and principles of photography.

I have a lot of free time on my hands these days, as I am graduated from college, and my mind is no longer consumed with school every day and night… so my passion for photography has taken over every spare minute! As I left college, I had to return my beloved Canon DSLR, and with no money to go buy a camera, I bought my iPhone. After all, it’s about the photographer’s talent, not the camera… right!?

My iphone has become my obsession… I have never loved a piece of technology more. Using the iPhone to take photos is nice because it is discrete, portable, and I always have it with me so I never miss a beautiful photo opportunity. I spend my free days enjoying the outdoors, taking photos of gardens and nature, then using a variety of photo editing and sharing apps to edit and post my photos. It has been my way of escaping the stresses of reality, while still keeping my creativity flowing.

My iPhone documents every moment of my life, whether it’s the food I make, events I attend, or just a beautiful flower I find on a walk. Someday I will be able to buy my dream DSLR, but for now, my iPhone will have to do!

Every photo of mine has a special memory attached to it, and documents my life. These are the stories I will share in future posts. “Time will never stand still and those moments that bring us such joy become memories in an instant. To capture such a moment and record it forever is truly monumental.” Joshua Atticks

Thanks for reading, and come back soon. -Molly