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October 31, 2011

For the Love of Type ♥

by Molly Mahar

Experimenting with typography is one of my favorite aspects of designing, and the opportunities are endless. These days, designers are stepping up their game and using typography in new and unique ways.

For the most part, I am not a rule-breaker when it comes to the core principles of design, so I don’t simply like any artistic use of typography out there. Readability is so important in typography designs… if a design piece isn’t readable to viewers, then it serves no purpose. It shouldn’t take a viewer longer than a few seconds to figure out the reason for your design and understand the flow in which they are supposed to read it. Personally, I enjoy typography designs that appreciate negative space. Keeping a design simple by leaving blank space is classy, and shows you aren’t trying to get your money’s worth by filling every part of the frame with information! Leaving negative space also brings attention to the focal point of your design, which allows your message to take center stage.

Here are twelve great designs I found that take typography to a new high. They set the bar for designers like myself, and push me to think outside of the box and get creative, while still keeping the design uncluttered and readable. To learn more about the designers who created these stunning designs, visit the links below each piece.

Designed & Submitted by Rahma Projekt to:

Designed by Kasper

Designed & Submitted by Hannes Beer

Designed by Ivan Vidovic

Designed & Submitted by Accent Creative to:

Designed & Submitted by Michael Rubini to:

Designed & Submitted by Hannes Beer to:

Designed & submitted by devgupta86 to:

Designed by Kasper

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